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Alan Normand

Release time:2020/01/13

Canada-China Economic and Cultural Center Advisor Alan. Mr Normand's area of ​​expertise and background


Alan Normand is a cross-border senior expert in emergency response in the Canadian government and in the fields of scientific research, education, and application management. He has been managing and researching and teaching this profession for 25 years, and is a pioneer in Canada in this field. He is not only rich in practical work experience as a city department head in this field for a long time, but also a professor who has been engaged in related teaching and research in Canadian universities for a long time.


For more than 20 years, as one of Canada's leaders in actively promoting and participating in the establishment of government-related mechanisms and university-related disciplines in the emergency field, Alan Normand is both a well-known scholar and a government administrator. He is active in various related domestic and international research and management and education occasions. As a backbone, he has participated in the formulation of a series of related standards of related industry associations and governments. Expert.


It is particularly worth mentioning that Alan Normand is extremely friendly to China and actively participated in some bilateral cooperation projects between the two countries.


Visiting China as an individual, conscientiously sharing his actual experience in this field and the latest scientific research results, introducing relevant foreign practical experience and historical lessons, and actively helping Chinese colleagues to be in line with international standards. He has also enthusiastically provided training or arranged on-site lectures for visiting Chinese government officials, scholars, and teachers in Canada. He has received strong praise from Chinese participants every time. Alan Normand's professional background is summarized below.


As one of Canada's first emergency management specialists, he has been engaged in education and training in this field for more than 20 years. Alan Normand has been an executive director of the Ontario Emergency Management Association of Canada, has served as the president of the organization, and has also been the chairman of the Ontario Emergency Education Council for nearly 10 years. He has also been a member of the International Association of Emergency Management (over 15 years), and received the Canadian Emergency Management Award in 2010, and is well-known in the industry.


As one of Canada's earliest core experts who actively promoted the establishment of separate disciplines in this field by universities, he participated in the establishment of the Department of Emergency Management of the Sheldon Institute of Technology as a discipline leader, participated in the formulation of the first syllabus of specialized sciences, and organized the compilation Textbooks and lectures. Since then, he has been one of the academic leaders, and the University of York in Canada has played a vital role in establishing the nation's earliest master's degree program in this subject. Alan Normand has long been an adjunct professor at both universities.


His main courses for junior college students and graduate students include:


1. Incident management system;

2. Crisis communication;

3.Emergency application management (Applied emergency management);

4.Business continuity after crisis and so on.


As one of Canada's major experts in emergency management, Alan Normand is a member of the Canadian Standard Association's Emergency Management and Business Continuity Technical Committee and is actively involved in establishing these two new national standards. He has also represented Canada on many occasions in international related exchanges and cooperation.


He participated in the formation of the Emergency Measures Office of the City of Brampton, Ontario, and has been the head of the agency for 17 years. He played a central role in the city's title of "International Safe City" awarded by the World Health Organization in 2m7.


As a Canadian senior expert in this field, Alan Normand has participated in some important Sino-Canada professional cooperation training and exchange activities. He has made short-term training materials tailored to Chinese counterparts or related people closely related to foreign realities, explain profound theories in simple language, vivid pictures, lively, enthusiastic response, and good results. From 2009 to 2013, Alan Normand was selected as the Canadian expert by the Canadian federal government. He participated in a bilateral cooperative development project between the two governments for five consecutive years (China-Canada cooperative Chongqing migrant worker occupational health and safety project). Relevant government agencies, enterprises, and universities have established good working relationships and produced deep friendships. In recent years, in addition to providing consulting and training for visiting groups in China, he has also lectured in China. The units include Chongqing Emergency Management Office, Chongqing Urban and Rural Construction Department, Chongqing Technology and Business University, Chongqing University of Science and Technology, Chongqing Vocational Engineering College, Shanghai University, Shaoxing University. Due to various limitations, there is no opportunity to cooperate with other provinces and units. In April 2016, Alan Normand became a Canadian expert consultant to the Canada-China Economic and Cultural Center and will cooperate with the center for a long time. He is very willing to share knowledge and information with Chinese counterparts or related parties through the center, and do his best for China-Canada cooperation.



Alan Normand


Emergency Management Expert




Brampton City Council


  • Leading emergency management in Brampton since 1999
  • Coordinate SARS, 2003 power outage, ice storm in 2013 and other minor events 0 Developed breakthrough emergency management plans, such as CERV, Lighthouse, PX3 Games York University and Sheldon College
  • First to teach emergency management topics in Canada; develop new emergency management and BC plans for York University and Sheldon College
  • More than 500 students have been taught in emergency management, business continuity and crisis communication since 2m6
  • Coached more than twenty students and helped them start career planning for the Canadian Red Cross and Adventist disaster response
  • Deployed to coordinate rescue efforts in many emergencies, especially the 1996 Zagreb floods, SARS in Toronto in 2m3 to support Haitian repatriation, Calgary floods in 2013, and McMurray fortress fire in 2016
  • Trained more than 200 volunteers in all aspects of disaster relief services
  • Over 25 years of volunteer experience in assisting communities in two provinces of Quebec and Ontario in emergencies and disasters


Novel: Leak Disaster Trilogy


  • Spanish lady returns: Influenza virus returns in 1918
  • El Nino's Curse: Global Warming Will Stop Here
  • Riviera's Harness: Money Grows in Tree Short
  • Facing the Elements: Biblical Ages on Water, Fire, Air, and Earth
  • Courageous feat: Biblical little-known hero achievement
  • President of the Ontario Emergency Association 2004-2007
  • Member of the first version of the Z1600 National Emergency Management and Business Continuity Standards Development Committee
  • 2004 consecutive speaker at the World Conference on Disaster Management
  • Chairman of Disaster Management for K-12 schools, colleges and universities since 2014.
  • Canada-China Professional Exchange Program Certified Expert and International Consultant Honors and Awards
  • 2013 Canadian Red Cross Certificate of Honor
  • 2012 Honorary Professor of Chongqing (China) Vocational and Technical College
  • Emergency Manager, Executive Citation International, 2011
  • 2010 Canadian Emergency Management Centre Emergency Management Canada Award
  • CERV created by the World Health Organization in 2007
  • 2007 Art Critics Novel Writing Award Top Skills




University of Ottawa


Bachelor 1978


Public Administrator Certificate 1982


Bachelor of Political Science 1989