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Edward Manning

Release time:2020/01/13

Profile of Edward Manning, Consultant, Canada-China Economic and Cultural Center


Industry expertise

  • Land Resources and Ecological Management
  • Research on Tourism and Fragile Ecosystem 0 Research on Sustainable Tourism
  • Tourism destination sustainable development indicators
  • Regional and community tourism development planning
  • Research on the Problem of Barrier-free Access in Tourist Destinations
  • Environmental management
  • Capacity building for sustainable development
  • Project and programme evaluation and performance measurement
  • Sustainable development strategy and implementation


Edward Manning (Edward Manning) has studied environmental protection and geography, and has used his solid professional background to become a cross-border expert combining tourism development and environmental protection. For decades, the tourism industry has been rigorously explored from the perspective of the sustainability of tourism resources, the development and management of important world attractions, the relationship between the development of tourism and the economy, and the protection and inheritance of human history. He is not only a well-known scholar in the tourism industry, but also an applied senior expert with rich practical experience in the industry. He is one of the earliest experts in the world to propose and lead sustainable tourism theory and applied research. As a member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization, Mr. Manning has long been the convener of the Sustainable Development Department of the World Tourism Organization, the head of international tourism research and design projects for the World Tourism Organization, and also participated in the development of industry standards for the World Tourism Organization One of the main contributors. The tourism industry development and management indicators he first introduced were particularly valued and adopted by relevant industry managers and experts. Mr. Manning has been repeatedly appointed as the United Nations' Chief Consultant in the Tourism Industry. He has provided consulting services in addition to the World Tourism Organization, the World Health Organization, the United Nations Environment Programme, and the World Wildlife Conservation Fund. Will wait. He is also a good industry training coordinator for the Canadian tourism industry. He has rich professional knowledge and extensive connections. He has a great reputation in the tourism industry in North America, Europe and Australia.


Edward Manning is very friendly to China and has established deep friendship with Chinese partners and many friends. On behalf of the World Tourism Organization, he has provided technical guidance and consulting to the domestic tourism industry for many times. He has led the planning of scenic spots in Guilin and Yangshuo and the planning of eco-tourism in the Lonas Lake area in Xinjiang. He also took the opportunity to visit China as the Canadian expert leader of the Canadian government ’s assistance to the Jiangsu environmental protection project, and provided timely lectures and consultations on the planning and management of Zhouzhuang, Jiangsu. He first proposed that domestic attractions should focus on maintaining authentic folk customs. Recommendations for developing and installing family-style hotels with modern sanitary facilities and formulating measures for passenger flow control in advance have been carefully adopted and received good results. At the invitation of the World Tourism Organization, Manning also conducted special research with foreign experts who went to Huangshan, Zhangjiajie, and Chengdu international tourism projects.